SMC Road Race Series

We are a non-profit running club, run entirely by volunteers. Anyone can run at any SMC event, no matter what their ability, speed or experience. All runners are issued with timing chips and bibs, and all finishers get an official time from our electronic timing system.

You do not need to be a member to run at an SMC road race.  You can enter a single race online, or purchase multiple races in advance to save even more time and money.

Full details of the current season can be found on the Calendar page.

Next Event - Sunday, 18 March 2018

Race Seven

6:30 a.m. 21.1km early race start*
7:00 a.m. 21.1km regular race start
7:45 a.m. 10km and kids 2km dash race start
8:00 a.m. 5km race start

* For 21.1 km runners with a projected finish time > 2h15m

Registration closes at 7pm on the day before race day.

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Results for race two are now available.

Congratulations to all of our runners who braved very warm conditions to get out there and run this morning. With thanks as always to Colin Jeftha, the results are now available.

Kids 2km Dash

Category Position Male Female
Outright 1st   Ivy Murray
  2nd   Emilia Murray
  3rd   Emalee Olbrich

Kids 2km Dash Participation

Category Male Female
MEDAL Ainsley Giampietro  
MEDAL   Chelsea Olbrich
MEDAL   Ilana Voysey

5 km

Category Position Male Female
Outright 1st Thomas Olbrich Catherine Bolshesolsky
  2nd Davor Zailac Kerri O'Brien
  3rd Stuart Voysey Sue Chenery
Under 16 N/A    
Under 20 1st N/A Jess Harris
  2nd N/A Claire Dwyer
  3rd N/A N/A
20-29 1st Benedetto Passaretti N/A
  2nd N/A N/A
  3rd N/A N/A
30-39 1st James Shaw Donna Voysey
  2nd N/A N/A
  3rd N/A N/A
40-49 1st John Dahdah N/A
  2nd Michael Schembri N/A
  3rd N/A N/A
50-59 1st Steve Oldridge Patricia Pearce
  2nd Michael Christie Karen Garland
  3rd N/A Jude Everingham
60-69 1st Walter Helfensdorfer Gina Jessop
  2nd Terry Rose Sharyn Robson
  3rd N/A N/A
70 over 1st Robert Amery Marie Rogers
  2nd N/A N/A
  3rd N/A N/A

10 km

Category Position Male Female
Outright 1st Joey Deguara Angie Carpini
  2nd Ian Rose Anna Chesher
  3rd Joe Abdilla Lyndall Conley
under 16 1st Sam Hardy N/A
  2nd N/A N/A
  3rd N/A N/A
under 20 1st Michael Furcciniti N/A
  2nd N/A N/A
  3rd N/A N/A
20-29 1st N/A Annabelle Do
  2nd N/A N/A
  3rd N/A N/A
30-39 1st Ken Wong Michelle Chen
  2nd N/A N/A
  3rd N/A N/A
40-49 1st Rodney Zammit Alison Shaw
  2nd EJ Davie Odette Dionisio
  3rd Michael Grogan Helen Carbone
50-59 1st Brian Seaniger Chris Alder
  2nd Mark Wallace Heather Dwyer
  3rd N/A N/A
60-69 1st Graham Osborn N/A
  2nd Ron Briggs N/A
  3rd N/A N/A
70 over 1st Elwyn Elms N/A
  2nd N/A N/A
  3rd N/A N/A

Long Distance

Category Position Male Female
Outright 1st David Martin Alicia Infante
  2nd Devon Deppeler Jayde Layndess
  3rd Simon Barden Mary Sheehan
under 16   N/A N/A
under 20   N/A N/A
20-29   N/A N/A
30-39 1st Andrew Louden N/A
  2nd N/A N/A
  3rd N/A N/A
40-49 1st Mark Clancy N/A
  2nd Andrew Farlow N/A
  3rd N/A N/A
50-59 1st N/A Lianne Christall
  2nd N/A N/A
  3rd N/A N/A
60-69 1st Arthur Huxtable Kerry Duncan
  2nd Doug Read N/A
  3rd Garry Page N/A
70 over   N/A N/A

 Series Award Winners

Outstanding Volunteer Bert Sloan
Maiden Marathon Award

Rodney Zammit
Blackmores Sydney, Sept 2016

Janis McEvoy
Marathon de Medoc, Bordeaux, Sept 2016

Zenita Acvaba
Medibank Melbourne, Oct 2017

Naina Jerath
Canberra Running Festival, Apr 2017

Maiden Ultra Marathon Award

Jayde Laundess
Big Red Run (250 kms), June 2017

Club Marathon Champion - Male

Victor Correa

Club Marathon Champion - Female

Ann Owen

Marathon Runner of the Year - Male

Kevin Heaton

Marathon Runner of the Year - Female

Lilian Molesworth

Ultra Runner of the Year - Male

Kevin Heaton

Ultra Runner of the Year - Female

Lilian Molesworth

Outstanding Achievement - Male

David Riches

Kevin Heaton

David McEwen

Outstanding Achievement - Female

Lilian Molesworth

Jayde Laundess

Lianne Christall

Athlete of the Year

David Riches

Mulga Bill award

Diane Courtney

Jack Black Perpetual Award

Zenita Acaba

We did the flaming lot!

The following people completed all nine runs in the series. Well done to you all.

Half Marathon David Martin
10 km Chris Alder
Odette Dionisio
Elwyn Elms
5 km Thomas Olbrich
Walter Helfensdorfer
Robert Amery
Steve Oldridge
Donna Voysey
Karen Garland
Michael Christie
Sharyn Robson


Age Group Points: Points awarded in each age group. Top 5 points results are counted.
Overall Points Score: Points awarded for male and female.
123456789Races RunAge Group Total Points Top 5Overall Points Score Top 5
Female 20
Chloe Cameron-Lee20020200000036047
Anita Hartojo12151211000004504
Gemma Goldhagen17171400000034814
Shelley Davison0000202000024027
Simone Van Den Berg0000171500023212
Stephanie Eyles1500140000022912
Michaela Wood001310000002232
Maddy Herbert020000000012020
Desiree Hiser001700000011710
Sophie Jamieson00000170001171
Stephanie Hall00017000001179
Lauren Cordingley00150000001153
Jennifer Whyte00015000001158
Sarah Reynolds00000140001141
Shashini Soysa14000000001141
Danielle Guy13000000001131
Ashley Foley00013000001133
Alexandra Kemp00000130001131
Daniella Marshall00012000001121
Jessica Deitz000900000191
Kara Dwyer000800000181
Gemma Perry000700000171
Jaime Carver000600000161
Female 30
Amanda Short1490101490005567
Danielle Bacon010130171500045521
Cass Maxwell20015150000035013
Amy Maxwell1701413000003443
Marta Chylewska011170000002288
Rohini Lata0001215000022711
Keara Canning020000000012017
Kate Barnes000020000012013
Mandy Lowe002000000012017
Hjordis Olafsdottir000002000012017
Lisa Newing000200000012020
Kerrin Young00017000001177
Charlotte Woods000001700011710
Gwenola Le Lu017000000011715
Sonja Freeman15000000001151
Rachel Harriss015000000011513
Michelle Duffy014000000011412
Amanda Lockeridge00000140001144
Mayumi Onoda00014000001142
Sarah Fletcher00000130001133
Tracey Kellett013000000011310
Natalie Caskie00000120001121
Kate De Fimbres01200000001127
Tracey Warner00011000001111
Kellie-Anne Thomas00000110001111
Stephanie Giddings00000100001101
Kristy Baxter000900000191
Female 40
Lyndall Conley2020170171500058977
Kathy Clarke14121213151400066855
Linda Gard00020202000036057
Odette Dionisio1010011131000055413
Melanie Leahy01715140000034636
Judith McGhie15141400000034333
Rebecca Rickerby13111100000033515
Manal Garcia0001701700023430
Sonia Richards1713000000023020
Donna Butterfield0151300000022818
Therese Harris8990000003263
Terrie Hayter1200001200022414
Helen Sutherland000120110002239
Sarah Waldron7800070003223
Lisa Hockey110100000002214
Mel Hayde00001280002208
Shannon Whiteley002000000012020
Maria Villamor6070060003193
Mischelle Otte00810000002182
Kerryn Butler9000090002182
Alison Davis000150000011514
Tracey Demerovich00001400001149
Natalie Lynn00000130001139
Female 50
Susan Laverty1720202002000059748
Heather Dwyer1315131317130006718
Karen Garland0001420120003468
Neridah Lerchner2001500000023520
Alison Shearer150000170002325
Susan Ardill000150140002292
Kerry Goldhagen140000150002292
Sue Hodson014000110002252
Carolyn Blanksby00017000001171
Angela Espin00170000001178
Nancy Rios01700000001171
Lee Lowe00140000001141
Female 60
Rasa Pes2020172002000059718
Sharyn Robson1514151520130006799
Shirley Dalton0172000170003544
Dianne Hillsdon1715014000003463
Patricia Cree000170140002312
Lyn O'Mara00000150001151
Male 20
Emmanuel Vergara00015171500034710
Chris Ledbrook00002000001208
Adam Carlson000200000012020
Benjamin Hoetjes020000000012020
James Day000002000012015
Emmanuel Lattion002000000012017
Alexander Campbell00000170001178
Nick Marriage017000000011711
Danny Dodd00017000001176
Michael Lin00001500001151
Josh Godkin01500000001154
Christopher Fife01400000001141
Daniel Maher00000140001141
Ian Bacon00014000001141
Jason Tran00013000001131
Chris McGowan00000130001131
Hugh Gilbert00012000001121
Ben McNamara00000120001121
Fahri Ozturk00011000001111
Matthew Quirk00000110001111
Cameron Rabbett00010000001101
Peter McDermott00000100001101
Machiel Bekker000009000191
Male 30
Mark Hebden14171520201700068982
Daniel Lorenzotti15201315171400068172
Devon Deppeler170120151300045751
Stephen Dewick09911060004354
Victor Correa0014170000023128
Jason Yendle000121350003303
Ken Brown0000141200022618
Craig Guthrie1301100000022411
John Summerhays11660000003233
Chad Fowler002000000012020
Nick Oxby200000000012020
Vincent Lauwerier000002000012020
Luke West08010000002182
Robin Whiteley001700000011715
Tim Dole000001500011513
Ian Inguanez01500000001157
Luke Doyle000140000011412
Michael Schembri01400000001146
Timmy Gardner01300000001133
Ben Commerford00013000001131
Chung Hang Wong12000000001121
Matthew Davison00001200001121
Joseph Vella01200000001122
David Gardner01100000001111
Matt Nicol00000110001114
Eugene Viacrucis10000000001101
Peter Quigley00000100001103
Andrew Hurst00100000001101
Grant Gerber01000000001101
D Q000009000191
Nathan Thiessen000900000191
Nicholas Hall008000000181
Jack Lopez000008000181
Ryan Taylor000007000171
Marco Gianstefani007000000171
Adam Richardson070000000171
Sherak Abidal050000000151
Dilip Agheda040000000141
Tony Nurick000004000141
John Woods000003000131
Ivor Chung000002000121
Gavin Chate000001000111
Joseph Del Duca000001000111
Stuart Caskie000001000111
Male 40
Daniel Bradley0131413201500057526
Wayne Gard11781111110006525
Mark Ansell12912121300005589
Rodney Zammit14091012120005576
Paul Harrison012014151400045518
Andrew Williams17152000000035230
Paul Crocker158708900054711
Martin Dawes2001500000023518
Paul Webb0141700000023114
Joal Taylor011130000002244
Chris Fraser10509000003243
EJ Davie130001000002232
Brett Dwyer000200000012010
Bruce Lambert000002000012011
Richard Pontello020000000012017
Ash Kotzen000017000011710
Michael Jones00017000001179
Marcos Vazquez9260000003173
Peter Truscott00000170001177
Chris Graham017000000011712
Brent Kilroy7450000003163
Richard Scolyer06100000002162
Matt Nicol00015000001158
Mark Franulovic0008060002142
Adrian Kotzen00001400001146
Kurt Tarrant00000130001131
Aaron Dockary6140000003113
Anthony Eyles00110000001111
Chris Walsh01000000001101
Steve Owen00000100001101
Walter Jacobsohn000090000191
Amrik Aujla800000000181
Greg Finlay400004000282
David McAndrew010007000282
Craig Howe000008000181
Daniel Furcciniti003040000272
Mark GIBSON000700000171
Vincent Villamor202003000373
Trevor Fowler000070000171
Ivor Chung000060000161
David Staples500000000151
Willy Martinez000050000151
David Miller000005000151
Jason Walmsley030000000131
Carlo Batongbacal300000000131
Emilio Cesaro010000000111
Male 50
Ian rose0151520171700058445
David Riches020200202000048054
David Armen158811131400066113
Bob Harrison20171700000035429
Julian Howard13091315000045011
Brian Seaniger01110121400004476
Stuart Voysey0141317000003445
Grahame Murphy17131200000034211
Eamon Mccann791114000004414
James Archer96700130004354
Mike Mills121209000003336
Vic Feferberg000410110003253
Glenn Lockwood141000000002247
Gerry Gannon07610000003233
Bob O'Hearn05051100003213
Tim O'Hearn10037000003203
Michael Durrant80001200002202
Steve Tredinnick00015000001152
Roberto Bonetta00000150001151
Paul O'Loughlin0456000003153
Colin Jeftha00140000001142
Gregory Sargeant5000900002142
Daniel Richardson00000120001121
Robert Linney4223000004114
Brad Boyle11000000001113
Mark Wallace630000000292
Charles Fellner000800000181
David Miller000080000181
Bernd Neubauer004000000141
Tinus Van Vuuren000200000121
Marcelo Mantilla001000000111
Paul Thompson000100000111
Male 60
Terry Rose020202020170005975
Ron Briggs17001315130004584
Luigi Criniti0170170200003543
Mick Regan2015000150003503
John Sneddon000141700002312
Kevin Sheehan00015000001151
Anthony DelDuca00000140001141
Male 70
Elwyn Elms172017152000005895
John Spinney20020200200004804
Roger Hillsdon150017000002322
Male U16
Michael Furcciniti002002000002402
Stefan Music00020000001204
Nicholas Bennett00017000001171
Male U20
Richard Andersen000200000012014
Female U20
Hayley Otte00020000001201
Emily Hayde00000200001201
Elizabeth Wood00017000001171
Female 20
Claire Dwyer151717150130005775
Hayley Ledbrook1301400120003393
Caitlin White170017000002345
Briony McLachlan000015170002322
Madeline Wilson141400000002282
Kayla Black000200000012020
Monique Ross200000000012014
Amenet Eid00002000001205
Chloe Cameron-Lee000002000012014
Danielle Hooker00200000001207
Lauren Cordingley02000000001206
Mona Eid00001700001172
Catherine Horsburgh00000150001151
Rebecca Pengelly00150000001151
Sarah Timms01500000001151
Jess Harris00000140001141
Female 30
Tracy Herron15017120130004576
Gwenola Le Lu0020002000024032
Stephanie Bilic0002017000023732
Rachel Gorrie2000001500023515
Mary Fitzpatrick017000140002316
Lilian Molesworth000020000012020
Jocelyn Moen020000000012013
Tricia Henson17000000001176
Mel Nisbet00000170001178
Charissa Patagsil000170000011713
Simone Irwin000015000011513
Tracy Weston00015000001159
Alice Maloney01500000001151
Danielle Bacon00014000001142
Donna Swadling00013000001131
Amanda Hieronymus00000120001121
Rebecca Francis00000110001111
Sonja Freeman00011000001111
Alana Robertson00010000001101
Female 40
Lianne Christall1513140202000058253
Nathalie Armen14101112171400066825
Cathy Duffy171517170000046661
Justine Carmichael02020200000036057
Linda Music011121401500045221
Joanne Moore1190015110004468
Kathy Rae80771480005445
Alison Shaw12010100120004444
Jude Everingham9098090004354
Megan Pearson-Craig0001501700023217
Janis McEvoy10880000003263
Christine Burke130011000002244
Naina Jerath200000000012020
Catherine Bolshesolsky017000000011717
Melissa Loos001500000011513
Michelle Graham014000000011411
Kim Mahoney00000130001133
Wendy Plunkett00013000001133
Natasha Sutherland001300000011311
Belinda Lockwood01200000001128
Therese Harris00000100001101
Dawn Parry000900000191
Female 50
Desie Joannides17172020202000069766
Sue Murray14141715151500067643
Patricia Pearce1515017171700058153
Lalita Devi131214120120005635
Bernadette Ramage121113100100005565
Vicki Willis1110120090004424
Gina Jessop2020000000024031
Lili Read0130130130003393
Zenita Acaba000014140002284
Sue Hodson000111300002242
Alison Shearer00150000001153
Kerry Goldhagen00014000001141
Susan Richardson00000110001111
Sharon Jarvis10000000001101
Female 70
Marie Rogers1717172017170006885
Dot Siepmann2020200202000051005
Female U16
Eleanore Bock2002020201700059756
Olivia Bock1701717171500058335
Claire Duffy15171414000004604
Tiarna Wolffe13201301300004594
Zoe Yendle0001514140003438
Sianna Steele000002000012020
Caoimhe Hogan00150000001151
Stephanie Harris00001500001157
Claire Dellow14000000001141
Chloe Leahy00013000001131
Male 20
Chris Ledbrook20020002000036047
Daniel Maher00172020000035736
Davor Zailac17200170000035435
Chris Wood151700000002329
Mark Scriven00000170001171
Aidan Kelly00000150001151
Male 30
Michael Grogan14151315121400067117
Ken Wong201700202000047760
Richard Bock1101114131500056411
Troy Fuller014151717000046333
Luke McLachlan13131201100004494
Matt Dwyer1200130130003383
Luke West1701700000023418
Keegan Luiters0014015000022912
John Innes000200000012015
Aaron Mailey002000000012017
Daniel Maloney020000000012015
Alex Gallifa00000170001177
Wayne Hill15000000001154
Nathan Cannock00001400001145
Matthew Davison00000120001121
Male 40
Dragan Music0171517201700058650
Robbie Juod1515141501500057422
Steven Harris170200172000047444
James Watson20200200000036051
Justin McAnulty00111013140004484
Wayne Duffy1414011000003394
Damian Wood1111120000003343
Glenn Campbell131300000002262
Maurice Moro101000000002202
Fredy Pasapera00170000001179
Dennis Clarke00001500001158
Ian Kirby00001400001144
Neil Marshall00014000001141
Alison Johnston00013000001131
Brendan Hogan00130000001131
Rodney Zammit01200000001121
Jonathan Dellow12000000001121
Trevor Fowler00012000001121
Male 50
Robert Osborne17201720202000069764
Ray Coyne14171415171200067718
Andrew Free1315121315110006686
Michael Christie121411111280006605
Ken Flarrety001314141300045410
David McEwan2002000000024027
Vic Feferberg1113100000003343
David Perry0015001700023216
Mark Wallace00001390002222
Geoff Craig000120100002222
Paul Thompson01200070002192
Grahame Murphy00017000001178
Mike Mills00000150001158
Colin Whitbread15000000001157
Gary Dalton00000140001146
Male 60
Billybob Embery170152015170005845
Ricardo Tognini02020020200004809
Graham Osborn151514171700005785
John Melnyczenko0171315000003453
Bill Jessop20000000001201
Nigel Hooker00170000001171
Male 70
Julio Hernandez1715171720200006915
Robert Amery20202020000004804
Roger Hillsdon01700000001171
Joe Butler00150000001151
Male U16
Caleb Harris200200202000048044
Jai Wolffe101115015130005645
Tyler Wolffe91217013120005635
Byron Wolffe81014012100005545
Blake Collins1713001700003477
Cody Dwyer11001701700034518
Noah Campbell1415015000003448
Logan Dwyer1500130140003423
Alex Duffy1214012000003383
Max Jameson000200000012014
Ben Graham020000000012013
Matt Graham01700000001179
Jackson Lambert00000150001151
Charlie Winkelmeier00014000001141
Brody Grech00001400001141
Lewis Hill13000000001131
Jack Bradley00000110001111
Male U20
Jakob McAnulty2020202020200006100100
Nicholas Wood1717170000003513
Tim Lockwood151500000002302
Blake Grech00001700001171
Female U20
Isabella Moro0020200000024021
Carmen Villamor00000200001201
Half Marathon
Female 20
Jessica Deitz201300201300046616
Virginia Botha000200140002348
Ella Jamieson000002000012017
Lauren Hamilton020000000012017
Tracy Clinch002000000012015
Kate Stockings00000170001179
Sophie May00170000001178
Michelle Poy017000000011710
Nicole Hewitt00000150001158
Achini Soysa01500000001151
Katie Anderson00150000001157
Shashini Soysa01400000001141
Gabrielle Masefield00140000001144
Sophia Smiley00130000001132
Sarah Snodgrass00120000001121
Emma Carters00110000001111
Female 30
Louise Noble020202002000048080
Akiko Akashi015151701700046454
Kristine Elliott00014201500034941
Lilian Molesworth0171400000023127
Sarah-Jane Marshall0141200000022614
Ariane Roseblade000017000011713
Johanna Parsons001700000011717
Raquel Holgado000015000011512
Bianca Baldissera000150000011513
Jaime Chisholm000001400011411
Yazmina Gonzalez000014000011411
Emma Stewart000001300011310
Charlene Stewart001300000011311
Gwenola Le Lu00013000001139
Jade Crim00000120001127
Cassandra Hunt00012000001127
Naomi Warry00110000001111
Emily Beale00011000001116
Joanne Johnston00000110001116
Sally Cambourn00010000001101
Kasey-Lee Cavey000900000191
Jackie Haines000800000181
Female 40
Julie Howle020202002000048059
Rachel Ingram1715010151400057136
Rachael McKinney20170140000035136
Michelle Tonnet15131370000044822
Trudi Shearer01415130000034218
Kaye Johnson0001720000023735
Dianne Karageorgis0101212000003346
Terrie Hayter090017000022611
Lisa Hockey00060130002192
Sophia Young000001700011712
Rosa Wadel00170000001179
Kerryn Butler00115000002162
Michelle Behringer00000150001154
Jody Collier000150000011510
Mihoko Kikuchi00140000001143
Fiona Strachan00001400001147
Belinda Balkema01200000001125
Judith McGhie00011000001112
Ana Mullins01100000001114
Rebecca Rickerby000900000191
Margrethe Vassbotn000800000181
Female 50
Ann Owen14201717172000069123
Joy Walden2017201401500058618
Carol Adams17001501700034914
Zenita Acaba1515000000023012
Yolanda Jeftha000020000012014
Neridah Lerchner00020000001201
Sue Bernardi Munro00013000001131
Female 60
Mary Sheehan20202020200000510070
Kerry Duncan1717171702000058814
Female 70
Janine Rose00020000001201
Male 20
Geoff Sheargold202020202020000610075
Robert Cavrak17171717171700068550
James Keating15140001400034311
James Porteous0131415000003428
MIchiel Van Bellen00000150001151
Ryan Hamill00001500001155
Michael Keating01500000001152
Tom Lyons00150000001153
Lee Spencer14000000001141
Cesare Grazioli00014000001141
Lachlan Bourke00001400001141
Nathan Hughes00013000001131
Ian Bacon00000130001131
Nick Gouskos00130000001131
Fahri Ozturk01200000001121
Jon Paniagua00120000001121
Jason Tran00000120001121
Admir Smajovic00000110001111
Nathan Spilling00110000001111
Joonhyeon Choi00000100001101
Yungeun Kim000009000191
Male 30
Timothy Molesworth2017202020200006100100
Reece Van Middeldyk1715151412000057347
Reece Bailey00141501700034629
Glenn Dalziel1001090120004414
Tim Gowing01313014000034021
Nick Oxby0001715000023224
Andrew Louden9801580005315
Paul Wainwright0141700000023119
Des Shearer012120000002242
Craig Hardman13001900003233
Ian Richards011012000002232
Michael Buffett000110110002222
Matthew Webb-Johnson7071600004214
Will Tran000011100002214
Chad Fowler020000000012020
Adrian Hunt11002700003203
Victor Correa000017000011714
Joel Brook000001500011511
Maroun Khoury15000000001151
Phil Coote00000140001145
Peter Pavlakis14000000001141
Luke Gillogly00000130001132
Alan Burton00001300001138
Luke Wood0085000002132
Mark Winney00013000001131
Jonathan Ward12000000001121
Gavin Le Roux0093000002122
Ivor Chung6600000002122
Grant Gerber00011000002112
Paul Dunne00110000001111
Ian McFarlane01000000001101
Greg Robertson00010000001101
Craig Guthrie090000000191
Rajeev Bajania000009000191
Zlats Pejovski800000000181
Tarjei Vassbotn000800000181
Ross McLean000080000181
John Summerhays000107000282
Name Withheld000700000171
Conor Hart070000000171
Pierre Maroney000600000161
Michael Smith006000000161
Xingzhong Liu000400000141
Male 40
David Martin20152015151400068568
Karl Safi017017172000047159
Yoichi Kazama151313100000045127
Fergal Hoey140990900044113
Kevin Heaton01081201000044010
Gary Mullins0200200000024032
Robin Wilkinson0017001500023227
Brett Jonathan1005413000043211
Brendan Cooper121660500053011
John Mildren0140140000022818
Anthony Meaker0014001300022721
Greg Baxter01107080003265
Craig Johnston001211000002239
Wayne Bulloch000020000012017
Chris Roberts9900000002185
John Young000001700011715
Chris Graham170000000011712
Curtis Ruhnau7703000003174
Simon Kellett22001200003164
Paul Gillan001500000011513
Phil Lobsey00001400001146
Duncan Johnston3141040005135
David Lloyd13000000001138
Andrew Read000130000011310
Gary Roberts00011110003133
Michael Hrynevych01011010004134
Roberto Marin4331010005125
Michael Steele00000120001128
Hamish Martin01200000001125
Mark Franulovic1010900003113
Chris Walsh11000000001116
Matthew Stewart00000110001114
Ganesh Vengadasalam0005060002112
Walther Groenewald00110000001114
Gerhard Van de Venter00100000001102
Greg Finlay011070000393
Mark Goodwin800100000294
Boris Trajkovski000081000292
Mohan Dhall000800000181
James Egan501101000484
Kurt Tarrant080000000181
Mark Clancy000007000171
Tim Stone007000000171
Steve Moxey600001000272
Jeff Knox060000000161
Walter Jacobsohn050000000151
Matthew Donnellan040000000141
Paul Crockford001101000333
Peter Thorburn000003000131
Anthony Eyles100101000333
Mark Strathern002100000232
Dennis Clarke101000000222
Emilio Cesaro101000000222
Simon Nash000002000121
Bernie McCarthy100100000222
David Miller110000000222
Albert Man000200000121
Gordon Mai001100000222
Kevin Crouse001000000111
Matthew Holland010000000111
Paul Every000001000111
Zed Zlotnick001000000111
Steven Lim001000000111
Joe Bracken010000000111
Takashi Kobayashi000001000111
John Dillon010000000111
Ernesto Gutierrez000001000111
Nigel Bennett000100000111
Aaron Ruig000100000111
Male 50
Stephen Mifsud1715201320120006855
Mick Kilham141113101470006625
Wayne Pryke20170150150004674
Garry Page131314017100005675
Graham Sheargold1501514090004534
Andrew Fryc0140121500003413
Stephen Burke001101350003293
Victor Corea00020000001202
Steve Birnie00000200001207
Gary Dalton02000000001209
Garry Keir00120060002182
Michael Durrant00017000001171
Phil Talbot00170000001171
Steve Johnson00000170001171
Suresh Raju00107000002172
Jeff Morunga01006000002162
Julian Howard00000140001141
Mark Skinner00000130001131
Brad Boyle01200000001121
Tim O'Hearn00000110001111
Lawrence Markham00011000001111
Neil McDonnell000900000191
Bob O'Hearn000008000181
Steven Hackett000800000181
Male 60
Peter Allen1717151415120006785
Rafic Awad1313121213110006635
Doug Read02020170150004724
Paul Sowden20014150170004664
Arthur Huxtable0017017130003473
John Sneddon1515130000003433
Ray James000200200002402
Reg Longhurst1401101400003393
John Hoffman000020140002342
William Rannard014013000002272
Male 70
Abdon Ulloa20202020172000061005
Ayoob Bhayat17170020170004714
Bert Sloan00171715150004644
Male U20
Luke Stockings00000200001201
Timothy Oliver00200000001201