SMC Road Race Series

We are a non-profit running club, run entirely by volunteers. Anyone can run at any SMC event, no matter what their ability, speed or experience. All runners are issued with timing chips and bibs, and all finishers get an official time from our electronic timing system.

You do not need to be a member to run at an SMC road race.  You can enter a single race online, or purchase multiple races in advance to save even more time and money.

Full details of the current season can be found on the Calendar page.

There have been some questions around what happens in case we have to cancel the first 1,2,3 races due to COVID restrictions. People are asking whether they will have to pay 9 races if there are only 8 races in 2021-22 if September is cancelled.

The table below contains the race entry prices for the 2021-22 season. Multiple race entry prices are adjusted to the maximum number we can have for the season as it is inevitable that the first race or maybe  few races will be cancelled due to Covid restrictions.

For example, if Sept race is cancelled,  we only have 8 races left for the season. The maximum multiple race entry prices for the whole season will be for 8 races. Multiple race entry prices options will then be 3, 6 and 8 races. We don’t anticipate races to come down to only 5 races for the season, and if this will happen, we will then review our multiple race entries price structure.

Race Entry Prices 2021-22
EventSingle race entry3 races6 races7 races8 races9 races
2km dash (12 years and under)$2$4$8$10$11$12
2km dash (accompanying adult) (FREE!)$0$0$0$0$0$0
5km (12 years old or under ONLY)$2$5$10$12$14$15
5km (13 to 18 years old ONLY)$5$12$24$28$32$35
Long run (half marathon/30km when available)$25$55$80$90$95$100

The 2020-2021 season booklet is now available for download! Click on the link below:

SMC 2020-2021 Season PDF Booklet

We are pleased to announce that the dates for the SMC 2021/2022 race season! We invite you check it out, and to mark your calendars.

Please note that with COVID restrictions currently in place, we may need to cancel some of the earlier races if it is not safe to do so and following advice from NSW Health. We will keep you posted and will be providing updates 2 weeks before the scheduled race day to confirm whether race can proceed of which registration will then be opened. So please stay tuned!

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding. We cannot wait to welcome you in the new season and in the new course!

Please always keep safe and continue to keep fit and healthy.

Kind regards,

I hope all is keeping safe and well.
We have an important ANNOUNCEMENT to make.
With the lockdown imposed in Sydney until 28th August, it is impossible for us to hold the presentation night on the 28th.
We are sorry to announce that the committee has decided to CANCEL this year's presentation event acknowledging that even with lockdown being lifted, and from our experience, the situation won’t go back to normal quickly for us to hold an awards night before we start our next race season in September, if our first race can even go ahead in September.
Trophies, flaming lot T-shirts and volunteer T-shirts will be available for collection on the first race of the season, whatever the date that would be. 😞 Those who have already registered for the awards night will receive an email soon.
We will be posting soon our next race season 2021-22 RACE CALENDAR to commence in September.  Given the likelihood of COVID restrictions stretching to September or even after, we will provide you an update 2 weeks before the race date whether the race can go ahead SAFELY of which registration will then be opened. Prices of multiple races will be adjusted accordingly.
Hoping our situation will go back to normal so we can race and celebrate again. 🏅🎖🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️💃🕺
THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING. Be well and be safe everyone!