Race Six - Sunday, 20 February 2022

Long Run (30km)

6:00 am

Half marathon (21.1km):

Expected finish > 2hrs 15min: 6:30am
Expected finish < 2hrs 15min: 6:45am
10km: 7:30 am
5km: 7:50 am
2km kids: 7:45 am

NB: all runners must be completed no later than 10:30am.


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Registration closes at 6 pm on the day before race day.

Race Sponsor

There have been some questions around what happens in case we have to cancel the first 1,2,3 races due to COVID restrictions. People are asking whether they will have to pay 9 races if there are only 8 races in 2021-22 if September is cancelled.

The table below contains the race entry prices for the 2021-22 season. Multiple race entry prices are adjusted to the maximum number we can have for the season as it is inevitable that the first race or maybe  few races will be cancelled due to Covid restrictions.

For example, if Sept race is cancelled,  we only have 8 races left for the season. The maximum multiple race entry prices for the whole season will be for 8 races. Multiple race entry prices options will then be 3, 6 and 8 races. We don’t anticipate races to come down to only 5 races for the season, and if this will happen, we will then review our multiple race entries price structure.

Race Entry Prices 2021-22
EventSingle race entry3 races6 races7 races8 races9 races
2km dash (12 years and under)$2$4$8$10$11$12
2km dash (accompanying adult) (FREE!)$0$0$0$0$0$0
5km (12 years old or under ONLY)$2$5$10$12$14$15
5km (13 to 18 years old ONLY)$5$12$24$28$32$35
Long run (half marathon/30km when available)$25$55$80$90$95$100