SMC Road Race Series

We are a non-profit running club, run entirely by volunteers. Anyone can run at any SMC event, no matter what their ability, speed or experience. All runners are issued with timing chips and bibs, and all finishers get an official time from our electronic timing system.

You do not need to be a member to run at an SMC road race.  You can enter a single race online, or purchase multiple races in advance to save even more time and money.

Full details of the current season can be found on the Calendar page.

Next Event - Sunday, 21 February 2021

Race Six

STAGGERED Start Times while on COVID restrictions:

Half marathon:
Expected finish > 2hrs 15min: 6:30am
Expected finish < 2hrs 15min:   6:45am -7:00am
10km:   7:30am
5km:     7:50am
2km kids: 7:45 


Note: With COVID situation, the above date may be changed at short notice. Dates are also subject to change without prior notice for circumstances that are beyond our control.

Registration closes at 6 pm on the day before race day.

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Correction: An earlier edition of this noted stated that the meeting would be held at the "Orion Sports Club." This has now been corrected. We apologise for the error.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to members that the 2019 Annual General Meeting of the SMC Road Race Series Incorporated will be held at the Arena Sports Club, Yagoona, on Tuesday 6th August 2019, at  7:00 pm.


  1. To confirm the minutes of the 2018 Annual General Meeting.
  2. To receive and consider the committee reports.
  3. To receive and consider the Treasurer’s report.
  4. General Business.
  5. To consider and, if thought fit, adopt the proposed new constitution, details of which can be obtained from the committee on request.

Nominations for committee positions should be sent to the secretary  by C.O.B. 30th July 2019, stating the name of the nominee, the position applied for, The proposer and seconder, and the agreement of the nominee to stand.

The elections will be by secret ballot at the meeting and the nominee should be present.

If there is no prior nomination then nominations may be accepted from the floor of the meeting.

If there is only one nomination then that person will be declared automatically elected.

Any queries should be directed to Bert Sloan,

Bert Sloan.
Vice President SMC Road Race Series.