Start and Finish Line Locations

The start and finish line are in the same location, at Gipps Road Sporting Complex, at the junction of Long Road and Gipps Road, Smithfield, Sydney.


 Park at Rosford Street Reserve, Smithfield and walk across to the new start line. Parking is also available in surrounding streets near the new start line, e.g. Long Street. Please, do not park at the start area - we cannot stress that enough.

The following map shows how to walk from the parking to the new start line.  Please do not park in the local businesses parking surrounding the start area. They may require access and you risk being towed or clamped.

Where the purple dot on the map below is, there is a pedestrian tunnel underneath the road.  You need to walk through this tunnel. Do not cross over the road as it is a very dangerous place to cross.  Please walk the extra 25 metres and be safe.

Do not park on the grass verge near the start line as you risk being towed away.

Do not park in the local business parking areas as you risk being towed away.

Map of the start line
Pedestrian route from the parking area to the start line